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We firmly believe that working together helps us all to achieve more; it also opens new doors and creates new opportunities that otherwise would definitely not exist!

This philosophy together with a strong focus on bringing only the best in farm and garden equipment has led to AGROCOM forging exclusive partnerships with some of Europe’s most innovative and leading manufacturers. This has enabled us to bring the most advanced products to the doorstep of the Indian farming community & garden owners in terms of performance, innovative design, safety, ease of use and maintenance.

AGROCOM is proud to be the sole agents for its European partners for India.

Agro Commercial ALKO AL-KO Kober Group is Europe’s leading manufacturer of high quality ALKO Garden Machinery. A German company, renowned for its innovative products & engineering capabilities, brings "QUALITY FOR LIFE" to its customers. Customer’s satisfaction has enabled it be a market leader in every vertical it operates. This is synergistic to AGROCOM’s own vision of bringing high quality and relevant products to the Indian market and we take immense pride in being AL-KO’s sole agents for its ALKO Garden Machinery range in India.

With high level of technical knowledge in the various business segments it operates and supported by many years of experience, AL-KO manufactures propriety products for home and garden. INNOVATIVE, DYNAMIC and BEAUTIFULLY designed - these are the most important characteristics of the AL-KO garden care range of products in the following verticals:
  • LAWN CARE TECHNOLOGY (Lawn Tractors, Lawn Mowers and Scythe Mowers etc. )
  • DO-IT-YOURSELF TECHNOLOGY (Cultivators, Shredders, Leaf blower Vac etc.)
  • WATER TECHNOLOGY (Automatic domestic water supply systems, pumps, ponds etc. )
The products are equipped with a powerful, intelligent drive system and offer everything that makes working in the house and garden more efficient and comfortable.

The bottom line for our customers is thus, more leisure, pleasure and safety in the garden.

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Agro Commercial yagmur Yagmur Tarim Makinalari, Turkey is one of the five biggest manufacturers of Walking Tractor (Power tiller) and Motor-Hoe (Power Weeders) in the world and sells its product range under the YAGMUR brand in Turkey and the very popular brand VALPADANA in Europe. Turkey’s socio-economic conditions being similar to India, agricultural machines manufactured by Yagmur are perfectly suited to the unique needs of the Indian farmer.

AGROCOM being the sole licensee for Yagmur Tarim Makinalari in India are committed to bring the most efficient and relevant agricultural machines to the farming community.

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Agro Commercial carvaggi Caravaggi S.r.l, Italy are world leaders in the manufacturing of vegetation shredders, tree stump grinders, composting machines, machines for pellet production and waste composting, in addition to other special applications.

AGROCOM is the sole licensee for selling the CARAVAGGI range of agricultural shredders in India

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