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The AGROCOM Multipurpose Harrow cum Leveler is an extremely useful and economical implement for the cultivation of wheat, paddy, potato, fruits, vegetables, flowers, tea and coffee etc. In a single operation it breaks clods digs out grass and weeds, fully pulverizes the soil and levels undulated land and harrows the field thereafter
Working width 7 ft. approx
Cult. Depth 3 in – 5 in.
Clt. Distance 1 in. approx.
Heavy weights 2 Nos.
No. of spikes 40 Nos.
H.P required 35 HP +
  • Removes grass & weeds
  • Breaks earth clods
  • Levels undulated land
  • Fully pulverizes the soil
  • Harrows the field
  • Makes excellent seed beds
  • Covers seed with damp earth
  • Breaks crust formed after sowing
  • Mixes seed with fertilizer
  • HEAVY WEIGHTS for deeper digging.
  • FORGED STEEL SPIKES are replaceable, work at 1” distance to dig out weeds & fully pulverizes the soil.
  • REVERSIBLE LEVELLER fixed in the rear levels undulated land and removes weeds dug out by spikes.
  • REAR DEPTH CONTROL LEVER is provided in the centre.
  • THE HEAVY STEEL ROLLER revolves on double row ball bearing to break clods and level the field.
  • THE LEVELLER & ROLLER can be raised or lowered and their distance from the harrow can be adjusted